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Move into your new home, your new life, seize your new chances.
Be happy and relaxed for your family, friends and colleagues!

will take care of the stress when moving house, a service of premium quality — at a reasonable price!

comes to you without any obligation on your part.
The weight and volume of your valuable belongings will be appraised free of charge.
will make sure that your move is done professionally, speedily and for a reasonable price!
We shall submit to you a reliable offer, if desired with a choice of transport, timing, and insurance options.
's experts ensure a stress-free move!
Your valuable goods are packed by professionals while you relax.
Would you prefer to do some packing yourself?
would in that case be pleased to provide you with the necessary materials - all in ecologically approved quality.
Please ask us for our free professional advice.
has prepared text proposals. For your friends, suppliers, your landlord, the city authorities etc., to be informed in time of your leaving the city we provide texts in German and English language.
Do not hesitate to order free copies!
helps you to avoid problems and stress with your neighbours.
We inform them of the date of your move. That day there will be no misunderstanding, on the stairs, in the parking area or elsewhere!
Storage or store-in-transit needed?
For safe storage of your valuable belongings, makes arrangements at your request anywhere within our world-wide network of approved partners.
's checklist of estate protects you from having to pay damages to your new landlord for which you are not responsible.
We provide you with a carefully itemized bi-lingual protocol of the existing conditions on the day of your move.
You will not regret using it!
helps you to be identified, at the new location, as the friendly neighbour you are.
We supply you with a card of introduction for your new neighbours.
The positive echo will surprise you!

The team is at your disposal and looks forward to working for you!